Rhode Island Needs Common Sense Change Right Now

photo of the front entrance of the Rhode Island State House

Karin Gorman has the common sense, honesty, integrity, caring, openness, passion, and deep love for Rhode Island that we need right now.

Since 1959 – 65 years – Democrats have controlled both the RI House and Senate. They have controlled the House of Representatives for even longer, since World War II – that’s longer than most of us have been alive! Such one-party dominance is bad for us and our families, our state, and our representative republic.

Worse, many Democrat candidates now challenging incumbent Democrats are progressives with a radical agenda that claims to protect families but actually threatens our freedom, safety, and economic well-being. These are not your Kennedy Democrats.

My Message

Studio portrait of Karin Gorman sitting in front of an American flag.

Running for political office is not something I ever thought I would be doing. I never paid attention before. I just went on with my life, working, listening to my favorite music, watching my favorite television shows, and being as happy and oblivious to politics as I could be.

After spending a lot of time at the State House with Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement (RIILE), I became acutely aware of just whom the legislators are working for, and it’s not for the taxpayers of this state. They represent the special interest groups that continue to bring this state to its knees.

It’s time to put common sense fiscal conservatives in the General Assembly.

With your support, I will be your voice, your advocate at the State House. However, it takes financial support and volunteer support to share the message and get elected. Please take this incredible opportunity and help me make a change we need for Johnston and for Rhode Island.

Karin is Not Afraid of the Big Dogs

Karin is the Vice President and Director of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, also known as RIILE, a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that helps raise the awareness of the general public and public officials about the financial and social impact of illegal aliens on our state.

Karin has been employed for the last 39 years as a para-professional at a Providence certified public accounting firm. She is also employed by Sunshine Development., Inc., a real estate/construction firm in Cranston.

Karin grew up in North Providence, Rhode Island, and graduated from North Providence High School in 1981.  She attended the Community College of Rhode Island, and Newbury College.

In 2003, Karin married T. Michael Gorman, a Certified Public Accountant. Karin and Michael have lived in Johnston since 2005.